Post Health-Diagnostic Care


In the past couple of decades, we have witnessed continuous improvement in ‘Life expectancy’ in most parts of the world.

Having a higher life expectancy is not good enough, but having a healthy life expectancy is more critical, so you can enjoy a long and healthy life.

In addition, lifestyle related diseases such as Diabetes, Cardiovascular Disease, Cancer, Obesity, Stroke, are increasing all over the globe. For instance in India, these diseases now account for 53% of the disease burden and 60% of total deaths in the country.

The good news, lifestyle diseases are mostly preventable, and even in cases where there is a strong genetic connect, they can be delayed and pared down substantially, provided prevention is where the focus is.


A Summary of the Advaita Post Health-Diagnostic Care Program


Unique, innovative and comprehensive, our healthcare solution is oriented in prevention. The Advaita Post Health - Diagnostic Care Program was created with the intention to bring every individual to optimal health and wellness by giving them the needed support to reduce potential health risks, manage and prevent disease, and implement needed lifestyle changes. We have developed a complete support system that enables us to bring our clients to optimal health and wellness.

Once our doctors determine whether you are trending toward disease or optimal health, individualized solutions enable you to begin a journey to optimal health and wellness with our complete support and guidance.

At Advaita, we keep your employees healthy, and ensure that those with high health risk, reach low-risk status by following our Post-Health-Diagnostic Care program. The key lies in support services that enable employees to get on track with managing health and wellness needs, while also giving them the tools to reach their individual potential.

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Here is a Quick Preview Of How We Work


Step 1. Choose your Preventive Health Check-up plan and register for your appointment.

OR, upload your current results, or choose the plan recommended by your company. Fill in the basic information, book your appointment and proceed to online payment.

Step 2. Blood sample collection at your doorstep

Upon completion of registration, our diagnostic team will get in touch with you over the phone to confirm your appointment and collect your blood sample from a location of your choice (where needed). Ensure that your blood sample is collected when you are on an empty stomach with 12 hours of fasting.

Step 3. Answer our lifestyle questionnaire

Apart from the blood sample we also capture your complete lifestyle before we begin our analysis. For this, we need you to fill up our questionnaire online. Don't worry, if you don't have internet access, our health secretary will help you to complete the questionnaire over phone.

Step 4. Health evaluation and consultation with our doctor

Our panel of expert doctors will thoroughly analyze your lifestyle questionnaire, blood report and previous medical conditions if any, and will develop a detailed health evaluation report. They will give you an overall understanding of your current health status, projected health risks, and comprehensive solutions to address any potential health risks. This will be done in a consultation over the phone.

They will then provide you with a comprehensive health plan that will include, advice on nutrition, exercise, holistic wellness therapies, needed lifestyle changes, plus any required herbal supplements or medication. Almost all lifestyle diseases can be avoided by lifestyle and diet changes. Our goal is to bring you to optimal health and wellness by providing you the needed support to lead a healthy and disease-free life.

Step 5. Next: your personalised health nurse takes over.

Over the next 3 months, the health nurse will schedule a call with you every three weeks to ensure you are implementing needed changes, answer any questions, and motivate you to stay on track to ensure you get optimal results. Bringing down risk markers is the goal.

Step 6. Repeat tests regularly to track your progress

We consistently monitor your various health parameters at regular intervals to ensure you are on the right track to a healthy and disease free life! If you fall into the high risk category, we recommend you re-test in 4 months, medium risk-7 months, and low risk-annually. It is our job to make sure you stay on track and reach optimal health and wellness.

Your health and wellness is our commitment - we create impact!

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