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Advaita Wellness is a holitic health and wellness organisation driven by a passion for human wellness and human excellence. We recognize that when people feel good, mentally, and physically, they deliver their highest potential, personally, and professionally.

Advaita is home to three brands - the Yogacara Institute of Healing Arts (Holistic Health & Wellness), Live Well 10x (Preventive Health & Wellness), and 6point14 (Leadership Development). All the organizations look to impact human health, wellness, and performance with measurable and sustainable outcomes.

Health and wellness is an active pursuit that leads to intentional and purposeful living. Wellness extends beyond the physical and incorporates other dimensions such as mental, emotional, social, and spiritual wellness, all of which need to work in sync and harmony with each other. Transformative processes and practices harness greater mental and emotional wellness and result in the ability for each individual and organization to move toward their greatest potential.

To facilitate this journey we have created three brands, that are intergrated and that form the foundation of everything that we do, focusing on a particular expertise and depth pf experience. We believe that without the foundation of good physical and mental health, reaching one's full potential is not possible.

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