Corporate Wellness & Coaching

Engaging with People, Inspiring Change


The world is in dire need of great leaders – visionaries who lead with purpose, create a future based on sustainability, and inspire individuals with the right tools to reach their best potential. Coaching to enhance leadership skills and employee engagement is an integral part of personal and professional growth. Organizations that include coaching as a component of their entire business philosophy, where coaching is an essential part of professional development at all corporate levels, see phenomenal results.

Advaita Wellness is a Corporate Wellness and Coaching organization that has developed its core expertise in Leadership Development, Employee Engagement & Retention, and Workplace Wellness. Our Corporate Wellness Programs create a supportive and pro-active culture that cares about individual needs, inspires commitment, strengthens the organization, and ties outcomes to the goals of the individual and the organization.

By focusing on health, wellness and essential life skills, we strengthen people, inspire confidence, improve the workplace, instill a sense of belonging, inspire creativity and innovation, and support the organization's success and growth.

Coaching Practices

Leadership and employee coaching supports personal development, enhances confidence, and leads your team to success.


Coaching Practices

  • Core Values, Principles, Purpose
  • Critical Conversations
  • Building Trust & Team Effectiveness
  • Managing Inter-Team Disputes
  • Improved Focus & Productivity
  • Increased Business Performance
  • Leadership Essentials
  • Systematic Culture Transformation - Mindset, Behaviour, Organization
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    Employee Wellness

    Employees are the building blocks of every business and the key to a companies success


    Employee Wellness

    Corporate Wellness boosts employee morale, productivity, and good decision making. It increases loyalty, reduces attrition and training costs, and enhances the overall health and wellness of your organization.


    Our Corporate Wellness programs are designed to support leaders, employees and the organization.

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    Preventive Health-Check Ups

    Prevent chronic disease caused by stress and unhealthy lifestyles.


    Preventive Health-Checkups

    Our doctors analyse your data to determine whether your employees are trending towards disease or good health. Once the analysis is complete, we impact employee health and wellness with our Post Health-Diagnostic Care. We ensure that high risk employees reach low-risk status with our complete guidance and support.

    We also work with the top Pathology Labs to offer you a comprehensive package of preventive health-checkups.


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    Post Health-Diagnostic Care

    Changing Mindsets & Behaviours is the Key to Success


    Post Health-Diagnostic Care

    Post the Health-Checkups and doctor analysis, a health report is generated by the Doctor, resulting in a full face-to-face or phone consultation with the employee. Our expert support team then takes over to help the employee manage any potential health risks, disease, and support the implementation of critical lifestyle changes so that each individual may reduce health risks and move toward optimal health and wellness.


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